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Beer Recipes

If you enjoy the taste of cold beer, you’ll love the rich, unique flavor that it can add to your favorite recipes. And when you’re planning a meal, consider the various tastes of the many beers available today and how they pair with the food you serve. You’ll find that beer on the menu will add a delicious flavor that makes food taste better than ever.

Beer Pairings

A Few Things to Remember as You Start to Pair Beers with Your Favorite Meals...


Pairing particular beers and foods can be an interesting and delicious experience. There are no absolute rules to proper pairings. The goal, after all, is to satisfy personal taste. Here are some brief descriptions of popular styles of beer and recommendations for making...

Beer Terms

NBWA has compiled of list of terms used often within the beer industry.  You may also be interested in visiting our Beer Pairing or Recipes pages.

Food Press Releases

  ALEXANDRIA, VA –  The cold winter months were made for entertaining, when damp and dreary weather makes warming smells from the oven even more inviting.  
  ALEXANDRIA, VA – Do you need some inspiration in the kitchen on cold, grey days? Here’s a surprise ingredient that can add a little sparkle to wintertime dishes: beer.  That...
Alexandria, VA -- If you’re looking for holiday recipes that are as simple as they are special, look for those that feature a unique ingredient like beer.  The distinct flavoring provided by one...


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