Hurricane Irene Flooding Impacts Vermont Beer Distributor's Delivery Route

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During the height of hurricane season, the end of August brought Hurricane Irene, a Category 3 hurricane-turned tropical storm that battered the East Coast, causing extensive flooding and wind damage along its path. Baker Distributing of Colchester, Vermont, was just one of the many businesses in the area that had to adapt their selling and delivery schedule in the storm’s aftermath.

With more than 40 road and highway closures due to washouts and demolished bridges, Baker’s delivery system faced great challenges.  With extreme detours causing extra miles and hours to travel Vermont’s roads, supplier deliveries to Baker Distributing were constantly changing in the weeks after the storm. 

“Routes had to be adjusted as many of our accounts were either closed, under repair or in some instances, just gone,” said Mike Baker, President of Baker Distributing. “Some have considered throwing in the towel completely.”

Of the 220 Vermont residents that Baker Distributing employs, several had to leave their residences due to flooding and mandatory evacuation requirements. At least two employees had everything they owned completely flooded and washed away.

While some surrounding businesses were not as fortunate, the distributor’s warehouse thankfully did not receive extensive damage and was able to keep operations as normal as possible after the storm.



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