Maine Distributors Sponsor Olympian’s Visit with High School Students to Encourage Responsible Decision Making

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After winning the Norton USA Luge National Championship this fall, Olympian Julia Clukey returned to Maine to provide a presentation about responsibility and good decision making to more than 250 students at Carrabec High School. Clukey's presentation was made possible by the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association (MBWDA) as part of their ongoing responsibility initiative and was provided at no cost to the school.  

Clukey serves as the spokesperson for the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association's ongoing responsibility initiative. Since 2010, she has presented at 20 high schools across Maine and has reached a total of more than 5,000 Maine high school students across the state.    

As part of the presentation, Clukey shared a short video highlighting her career, her story and experiences growing up and the challenges she has overcome. Her presentation focused on the pressures of high school as well as the opportunities for the students to make important decisions about their future. 

After the presentation, Clukey met with individual students for photos and to sign autographs. She also spoke with smaller groups of seniors to discuss the importance of responsibility and making healthy life choices.   

"Julia's commitment to our responsibility initiative is phenomenal,” said Cheryl Timberlake, executive vice president of the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association. “During the past three years, she has traveled over 2,000 miles speaking with students at high schools in Maine about the importance of good decision making and responsibility. We hear from students, parents and principals all the time about the impact of her presentation and we are so proud of her work. It says a lot when it's mid-November and high schools have already started contacting our association to book Julia for presentations for when she returns in the spring. There is no doubt that Julia's passion and dedication in everything she does makes her an incredible role model.”

Clukey, 27, will compete in several World Cup competitions this fall and winter. She also has announced plans to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Earlier this year, she partnered with the MBWDA and the Kennebec Valley YMCA to host a 10-day summer camp for girls that focused on building self-confidence and developing a healthy lifestyle.  

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