NBWA Offers Two New Membership Programs

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NBWA is offering two new programs for distributor members – the BevCap Management, LLC property and casualty insurance program and GlobalHR Research.

NBWA is excited to announce its endorsement of the BevCap Management, LLC property and casualty insurance program. Lance Abbott and Bev-Cap Management bring unparalleled experience and perspective to providing insurance to NBWA members. BevCap was founded to write beer distributors’ property and casualty insurance and is offering a program with impactful endorsements and key coverage enhancements. The program includes loss control specifically tailored for NBWA members and enhanced distributor training opportunities. BevCap Captive Group also offers an insurance captive program that will be very attractive to a segment of NBWA members.

NBWA’s newest partner, Global HR Research, is a leader in helping companies hire the best employees and mitigating overall risk through integrated hiring, pre-employment screening and substance abuse testing technology. Global HR Research is proud to provide NBWA members with discounted pricing and quick and easy setup. This program will provide one-stop shopping for background screening, drug testing, driving history reports (MVR’s) and customized pre-employment assessments – all at the most competitive price in the market. Global HR Research gives employers peace of mind by adhering to the highest security and confidentiality standards in the industry, maintained through the most advanced, secure technology practices available. 

“NBWA is always looking for new ways to improve the services we offer distributor members,” said NBWA Vice President, Membership & Meetings Patti Rouzie. “We are very excited to offer these two new programs that we believe will prove beneficial to a large segment of NBWA’s membership.”

NBWA has already implemented an energy buyers program, the Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI) Saving Solutions Program, to assist beer distributors with identifying and implementing business options that reduce energy and utility costs. NBWA also offers distributor members the Go-to-Guide for Beer Distributors and industry studies such as the Distributor Productivity Report and Compensations and Benefits Study.

For more information on products and services available to NBWA distributor members, please call the Membership and Meetings Department at 800-300-6417.  


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