North Dakota Beer Distributor Celebrates 50th Business Anniversary

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Braun Distributing, a family-owned beer distributorship in Dickinson, North Dakota, is celebrating its 50th business anniversary this year.  The company is located in a region that is home to a multitude of industrial jobs, and Kevin Braun, president of Braun Distributing, sheds light on the positive growth margins his business has received despite the withering economy.

Braun Distributing acts as an umbrella for a beverage and candy company – Queen City Beverage Inc. and Queen City Candy, Inc., respectively.  Braun believes that remaining creative in a trying economy has kept his family’s business successful.  Over the past 50 years, Braun Distributing has provided southwest North Dakota with a variety of beverages, while currently stocking beverages ranging from craft beers to non-alcoholic energy drinks.

Although the distributorship has continued to offer solid jobs to 40 employees even in hard times, the rising cost of fuel has proven to be difficult for Braun and their 30-vehicle fleet.  To counter the cost of fuel, Braun has taken route planning into careful consideration, with the hope of adding GPS tracking in their routing process to determine the most precise delivery path.

For the next 50 plus years of distributing, Braun hopes to keep the same virtue that has been passed down through his family since 1961 when the company was first purchased by Leo Braun – always treat your customers like you want to be treated.  Braun notes that by continuing that same virtue, the distributor’s role in the community is now “unique, in that we interact with so many of the businesses in our market.  With our product line, and services such as vending, there are very few businesses that we can’t do business with on some level.  Those business relationships, along with our support of local groups and events, make us an integral part of our community.”

To celebrate the 50th business anniversary, Braun Distributing is planning an event for this fall.  The event will feature a trade show highlighting the distributor’s suppliers, along with a social to celebrate the distributorship.



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