The Importance of Accurate Job Descriptions in Functional Employment Testing Programs

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WorkSTEPS, a partner of NBWA Insurance Program partner BevCap Management, LLC, encourages you to consider the importance of accurate job descriptions for your company.

Accurate job descriptions play a critical role in helping employers make content-valid employment decisions regarding issues involving placement and work injury management, and they are fundamental to legal compliance.  

Accurate job descriptions must be ergonomically sound in identifying physical demand requirements. They also must be reviewed for the legality of job grouping, job rotation and other legal issues.  They must be written with legal defensibility in mind.  Job descriptions should be very precise and include detailed information on weights lifted, actual heights, dimensions of objects moved and a specific number of job related repetitions.

Consider the following guidelines. Accurate job descriptions should:

Be based on accurate and inclusive information obtained through a thorough on-site ergonomic job analysis and the feedback of existing workers and their supervisors;

Be written in clear, simple language that is understood by both employer and employee;

Include job classification, its basic purpose, a description of required job functions, identification of the essential and marginal job functions, physical demands and the skills required to perform the job functions; and

Be reviewed periodically to ensure job tasks have not changed.

In today’s world of ADA, ADAA, EEOC, and OSHA compliance – as well as state law requirements such as FEHA in California – there is no question that accurate job analyses result in a safer and more productive workplace with legal defensibility, which is a great foundation for future success!

For more information about resources provided by NBWA Insurance Program partner BevCap Management or WorkSTEPS, please contact NBWA Meetings and Membership Assistant Maggie Graham at or 800-600-3417; or Amy Wagner with BevCap Management, LLC at or 469-424-3419 ext. 304.



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