NBWA Statement of Antitrust Policy

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NBWA Statement of Antitrust Policy

The United States antitrust laws were enacted to preserve the free enterprise system, to promote competition and to protect the public and other businesses from exclusionary or predatory trade practices. The National Beer Wholesalers Association and its members are best served by strict adherence to the antitrust laws. The NBWA shall at all times promote vigorous competition in compliance with these laws.

The NBWA’s policy includes compliance with the spirit as well as the letter of the antitrust laws. This requires the understanding and cooperation of each NBWA member and staff employee. It is their personal obligation and responsibility to act in a manner consistent with the nations antitrust laws.

Because of the scope and intricacy of the antitrust laws, NBWA members and staff must be sensitive to activities raising potential problems under the antitrust laws. The NBWA Antitrust Guide should be consulted. It identifies specific areas of antitrust concern as well as other areas where legal counsel should be sought.

All NBWA activities, meetings or discussions shall avoid any conduct that would:

1. Raise, lower or stabilize prices;

2. Allocate geographic areas or customers served;

3. Encourage refusals to deal or boycotts; or that in any way would violate federal or state antitrust laws.


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