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March 22, 2011

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America's Beer Distributors Applaud Craft Beer's Growth

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) – which represents the interests of America’s 3,300 licensed, independent beer distributors – applauds America’s craft brewers for their continued growth and entrepreneurial spirit, which adds energy to the American beer industry. In 2010, small and independent American brewers saw volume increase 11 percent over 2009, representing a growth of more than 1 million barrels, according to new data released by the Brewers Association (BA). The BA also reported growth in the number of U.S. breweries, up eight percent since 2009 to 1,759 operating breweries in 2010.

“This tremendous growth in craft beer sales is remarkable in today’s soft economic climate, especially when overall beer sales volume has been down,” said NBWA President Craig Purser.  “It is this excitement that fuels the more than 1,700 breweries in the U.S.”

“Beer distributors help craft brewers grow and compete by providing the infrastructure small brewers need to reach a wide network of retailers through a regulated system,” continued Purser. “Distributors introduce new beer brands and innovative beer styles to markets across the country which is why American consumers are seeing more labels and styles of beer at their local stores, bars and restaurants. America’s beer distributors are proud to be part of this great system which offers nearly 13,000 labels of beer to consumers from coast to coast, and American consumers are demonstrating they enjoy this vast variety.”

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The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) represents the interests of America’s 3,300 licensed, independent beer distributor operations in every state, congressional district and media market across the country. Beer distributors are committed to ensuring alcohol is provided safely and responsibly to consumers of legal drinking age through the three-tier, state-based system of alcohol regulation and distribution. To learn more about America’s beer distributors, visit



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