Opinion: In Approval of ‘Beer Bill,’ Kentucky Finally Rights a Wrong

Kevin Gibson writes for Insider Louisville, discussing the Senate's passing of House Bill 168. He notes, "I found myself confused over the entire issue, because, to me, it came down to one simple question: Do we have a three-tier system of alcohol distribution, or don’t we?"

Mobile App Aims to Provide Beer and Liquor Companies with Consumption Data

BARTRENDr, a social networking app designed to enable bar-goers to connect and share their night out, announced the launch of a new feature allowing users to share data from within their own homes, called ‘MyBar.’ MyBar will generate tangible data on the consumption habits of users from within their homes and other private settings – something that wasn’t available, until now.

Best Beer and Music Collaborations

Some collaborations between brewers and musicians are created solely by the participating brewery and feature little input from the musicians other than their stamp of approval and a quick publicity photo. Other collaborations are flimsy attempts by established artists to nab a quick buck, but these 10 beers exemplify how musicians can work hard in the brewhouse with brewers to create unique and fascinating brews.

KY: Bill Barring Breweries From Owning Distributorships Heads to Governor

The legislative battle over whether Anheuser-Busch should be allowed to operate beer distributorships in Louisville and Owensboro neared closure Wednesday as the state Senate approved House Bill 168, which now goes to Gov. Steve Beshear. Beshear's Alcoholic Beverage Control department supported the legislation as a way to close a loophole in the three-tier system, which aims to avoid monopolies by keeping producers, distributors and retailers separate. While the measure appears sealed legislatively, the battle could still play out in court, where it began.

MO: Torn Label Brewing Co. to Begin Distributing to Kansas

The Crossroads production brewery officially launched in January with Major Brands distributing its kegs on the Missouri side of the state line. Torn Label Brewing Co. has signed an agreement with Standard Beverage that will begin sending its kegs to Johnson and Wyandotte counties as soon as next week.

CO: Trinity Brewing Announces Distribution to New York City and Columbus in Late March

The East Coast can look forward to finding some Trinity beers on local shelves. Trinity Brewing Company announced they are launching distribution in New York City and Columbus, Ohio, in March. They will be partnering with Sarene Craft Beer Distributors for initial sales in New York City and with 17th Star Distributing as Trinity Brewing hits the streets of Columbus.