The Art of Darkness: Imperial Stout

When the last leaf of the year has fallen and nights grow longer than days, our proclivities shift from amber lagers and wet-hopped harvest ales to rich styles that warm from within. With its robust flavor, inky darkness, alcoholic warmth, and august lineage, imperial stout is the ultra big beer. explores the original regal ale: Russian imperial stout.

Beer Portraits Artist Paints His Subjects in Beer

Artists have for hundreds of years known the creative power of a few glasses of something fermented, but Chicago-based artist and illustrator Kyle Bice takes it to a new level: He paints with beer. Draft Magazine sits down with the off-beat artist as he explains how he discovered beer as a medium and which brews make the best paints.

CA: Fireman’s Brew Expands Distribution to Louisiana

Fireman’s Brew, a Los Angeles-based craft beer company founded by two firefighters, announced a partnership with Choice Brands Inc. to distribute its beers throughout Northeast Louisiana. Expanding its brews since 2012, Fireman’s Brew is currently available in: California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Kansas, Virginia, New York, Michigan, Hawaii, West Virginia and Louisiana.

HI: Craft Beer Alliance to Build $15 Million Brewery in Hawaii

Craft Beer Alliance (CBA) announced it would spend $15 million to build a new 100,000-barrel brewery in Hawaii. A list of potential locations is being reviewed, and CBA said it expects the facility to be fully operational by 2017. The new brewery will help support Kona’s growth in Hawaii and enable the company to innovate with unique styles and ingredients.

OR: Old Town Brewing Partners With Maletis Beverage and Plans to Bottle

Old Town Brewing has partnered with Maletis Beverage to begin distributing their beer and plans to release bottles this summer. The locally owned and operated Portland brewery will be able to get their beers to bars, restaurants and retail locations throughout the Portland market starting in May.