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Mission Statement


The purpose of the National Beer Wholesalers Association is to provide leadership which enhances the independent beer distribution industry; to advocate before government and the public; to encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol; and to provide programs and services that will benefit its members.

  • What Is a Beer Distributor?

    America's beer distributors may be most recognizable as the people driving beer trucks down your local streets, delivering beer to neighborhood stores and bars. But there’s much more than meets the eye − independent beer distributors are licensed by both the federal and state governments and help brewers and importers of all sizes grow by delivering a wide selection of brands to retailers through a safe, transparent and accountable system.

  • Annual Report

    The NBWA 2017-2018 Report provides an update on the association’s activities, including NBWA’s advocacy initiatives and membership programs.

  • Meet the Staff

    Executive Office
    Craig Purser
    President & CEO
    Wendy Huerter
    Executive Assistant
    Federal Affairs
    Laurie Knight
    Executive Vice President, Government Affairs
    Linda Auglis
    Senior Director, Political Affairs
    Brittanny Meierling
    Senior Director, Federal Affairs
    Kate Beaulieu
    Director, Federal Affairs
    Eric Bunning
    Director, Federal Affairs
    Annele Jones
    Federal Affairs Assistant
    Legal & Industry Affairs
    Paul Pisano
    Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs and General Counsel
    David Christman
    Vice President, State Affairs
    Lester Jones
    Chief Economist
    Sarah Lamson
    Coordinator, Industry Affairs
    Communications & Public Affairs
    Lauren Kane
    Vice President of Communications
    Allison Schneider
    Senior Director, Communications
    Colin Murphy
    Manager, Communications
    Membership & Meetings
    Patti Rouzie
    Vice President, Membership and Meetings
    Tracey Anderson
    Senior Director, Meetings and Events
    Jackie Furdyna
    Manager, Membership Development
    Maggie Moreland
    Manager, Member Programs and Meetings
    Jenna Sugg
    Membership and Meetings Assistant
    Finance & Administration
    Kimberly McKinnish, CPA
    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Pamela Yereb
    Senior Director, Administration and Finance
    Margaret “Cos” Manner
    Director, Information Systems
    Tiffany Bennett
  • Contact NBWA

    National Beer Wholesalers Association
    1101 King St. Ste 600 Alexandria, VA 22314
    p. 703-683-4300 Toll-free: 800-300-6417
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