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Brewer Partner of the Year Awards

Lone Pine Brewing

Lone Pine Brewing from Portland, Maine, was awarded NBWA’s 2019 Brewer Partner of the Year Gold Award for its continued commitment to its motto, “distributors first.”

Lone Pine Brewing goes above and beyond to help distributors promote its brand, partnering with major sports teams in the area to host innovative events and place creative advertisements. Lone Pine understands the value of the three-tier system and continuously works to complement its distribution partners’ efforts. Lone Pine also makes it a priority to treat distributors as part of its family.

Receiving the award, Lone Pine explained why their partnership with distributors is so important. “Lone Pine self-distributed the first two years, and we learned very quickly that that is not easy… We have a profound respect for what distributors do. You have an organized art form that only will build our brand and make us better.”

NBWA Brewer Partner of the Year Award - Lone Pine

Urban Chestnut Brewing

Urban Chestnut Brewing in St. Louis, Mo., received NBWA’s 2019 Brewer Partner of the Year Silver Award for its keen understanding of the beer marketplace and the role that distributors play in helping to make its brand a success. Urban Chestnut Brewing prides itself on striving to be a wholesaler’s best supplier, prioritizing flexibility and the needs of its distribution partners.

Urban Chestnut prides itself on providing distributors with an abundance of educational and sales materials. From banners and detailed sell sheets to tastings and events, Urban Chestnut has a clear vision and provides its distribution partners with the tools to maximize sales. The brewer also helps distributor employees understand the German beer culture that inspires the Urban Chestnut operation in St. Louis.  

Remedy Brewing Co.

Remedy Brewing Co. in Sioux Falls, S.D., received NBWA’s 2019 Brewer Partner of the Year Bronze Award for mastering the art of beer branding and providing distributors with creative and attention-grabbing marketing collateral.

Young, vibrant gentlemen, known by their colleagues as “the nicest people in the industry,” Remedy Brewing’s owners often participate in interactive, widely-attended local events such as Oktoberfest, the 605 Summer Classic music festival, JazzFest and local tap takeovers. Remedy Brewing works tirelessly with its distributor partners to not only promote its brand but the entire beer category.

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