Commercial Value | NBWA: America's Beer and Beverage Distributors

Independent distributors provide efficient access to market for ALL beer brands to ALL licensed retailers.

Local distributors invest significantly in the local marketing and sale of beer brands.  This enables retailers to offer an unparalleled selection of beer and consumers to choose from a wide range of labels.

How Do Independent Beer Distributors Provide Commercial Value?

1. Distributors build brands.  Distributors build brands through store level merchandising, product promotion, marketing initiatives and local event sponsorships.  These activities educate retailers and consumers about new product categories, beer styles and ways to best enjoy beer and enhance retailers’ profitability. 

2. Distributors provide access to market for all brewers and importers.  This system provides equal access to all licensed retail accounts for all suppliers regardless of their size or resources.

3. Distributors help brewers maximize sales. The beer distribution system enables emerging brewers to get established by providing access to market through distributors who sell beer to over 500,000 licensed retailers across the country.

4. Distributors ensure product availability for retailers.  Distributors provide services that ensure reliable and predictable product availability for all licensed retailers. These services include delivery frequency, warehousing, inventory management, space management programs and category management advice.

5. Distributors maximize product choice for consumers.  Distributors sell a vast array of beer brands and styles, giving consumers unprecedented choice – currently more than 13,000 labels and growing. 

6. Distributors safeguard product quality and integrity.  Distributors ensure that products purchased by consumers meet the highest safety and product quality standards.  In the event of a problem, distributors are able to identify the product and quickly remove it from the marketplace.

7. Distributors foster a responsible beer industry.  Distributors educate retailers and consumers and provide resources that promote safe, moderate and responsible consumption.  Distributors champion responsibility in the midst of robust competition and vast consumer choice.

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