Coors and Chase team up to fight fires...with beer | NBWA: America's Beer and Beverage Distributors

Chase Rice grew up with a dad who drank Coors Banquet, which ultimately led him to partner with the brand to raise funds to support wildfire firefighters and their efforts. Rice says, “My dad, who was a residential contractor, would come home, and that’s what he would drink. I remember him sitting on the front porch with him drinking Banquet. Later, my mom gave me a booklet from the time I was born until the time my dad died - and he died when I was 22. In that booklet was a photo of him in Wyoming, double fisting two Coors Banquets with his cowboy hat on.” He always knew he wanted to use that photo as an album cover, but it wasn’t until he began working on his latest album that he and his team approached Coors to get permission to use the photo. “That started the conversation, and then it evolved to have me working with Coors Banquet as a partnership alongside the Wildland Firefighters,” Rice says.