Craig Nunn | NBWA: America's Beer Distributors
Budweiser Distributing Company
Amarillo, TX
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Years of Service: 
Current Position: 
Senior Key Account Manager
First Job at Company: 
Management Quote: 
“In mid-1980 at the age of 17, Craig put in his application and was told by ownership that they weren’t hiring some 17 year old kid to sling beer. So, in August of that same year, Craig showed up on his 18th birthday to talk to the owners. Two weeks later Craig was a Bud Man. Craig started on a truck and worked his way up in the company. In 2000, he was promoted to Key Account Manager where he has built incredible relationships with our key accounts. These relationships have certainly translated into increased sales and market share for Budweiser Distributing Company. Craig’s industry knowledge, hard work and dedication have earned him the respect of his industry peers. Craig, for all you do… this bud’s for you!” - Shannon Williams, General Manager, Budweiser Distributing Company