Iowa bottle bill that will exempt many grocers heads to governor | NBWA: America's Beer and Beverage Distributors

The Iowa Senate approved sweeping changes to the state's can and bottle redemption law — commonly known as the bottle bill — that will triple the amount of money redemption centers receive per container and allow many retailers to stop taking back the containers they sell. It's the first overhaul of the bottle bill since its enactment in 1978, which began the practice of consumers paying 5 cents per container that is redeemed if they return the container to be recycled. Grocers have long complained about being forced to retake unsanitary empty containers, and owners of some redemption centers whose primary focus is collecting those containers have said they need more income to survive. The new legislation increases the handling fee those centers collect to 3 cents per container, up from the current 1 cent. Beverage distributors pay that fee, but the distributors get to keep the full 5 cents for containers that aren't redeemed.