Economic Value | NBWA: America's Beer and Beverage Distributors

Independent distributors provide significant economic value to the communities they serve.

Distributors deliver direct economic benefit through quality local jobs, local business-to-business commerce, local investments and local tax revenue.

Distributors contribute indirect economic benefit by providing services that improve efficiency, choice and profits for trading partners, fair prices and broad product selection for consumers.

How Do Independent Beer Distributors Provide Economic Value?

1. Distributors provide excellent jobs and benefits.  Distributors provide more than 130,000 quality full-time jobs and benefits, as well as thousands of additional part-time and seasonal jobs.

2. Distributors provide logistics and supply expertise.  Distributors provide logistics and expertise that optimizes efficiency for trading partners, especially small brewers and retailers.  Distributors also work to reduce the consumption of natural resources and use sustainable solutions whenever possible.

3. Distributors make significant investments in local infrastructure and capital assets. Distributors’ investments in warehousing, equipment and other capital intensive services provide a sustained multiplier effect and stimulus for the local economy (business income, income taxes, property taxes, excise taxes and fees, consumer spending, etc.).

4. Distributors ensure economic balance in the marketplace.  Distributors are critical to maintaining an economic balance, as well as a regulatory balance, among the three tiers (brewers and importers; distributors; and retailers). Balance among the tiers ensures that the business income produced by the community remains in the community in the form of jobs, investment, commerce, philanthropic activity and support of state and local governments.

5. Distributors are community leaders and philanthropists. Distributors provide leadership and financial support for local community, civic and philanthropic initiatives.  Distributors support local and national charities, invest in educational programs and promote social responsibility programs for the benefit of their communities.

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