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How will the programming be streamed? 
All NBWA Annual Convention content will be streamed and hosted on a separate virtual platform that will go live the day convention starts. The general sessions and education seminars will be live broadcast. Once they have finished broadcasting you will be able to re-watch them all on-demand until October 31, 2020.  

How do I access the virtual platform? 
The week prior to the Annual Convention you will receive an email with information on how to create your account to log-in (this will be different than your NBWA membership account log-in). We will be providing more detailed instructions closer to the event.  

What are the benefits of on-demand content? 
The added benefit of this virtual format is that you can choose to watch the general sessions and education seminars immediately or watch them at your own leisure. Additionally, you now get the opportunity to learn double the content! Typically during the Annual Convention you have to pick between sessions if they are scheduled at the same time, but now you can watch every single seminar according to your own schedule.

How long will the virtual content be available? 
You will have access to the virtual platform and its content until the end of October. Following the initial stream, all general sessions and education seminars will be available to stream on-demand at your leisure through the virtual platform. Additionally, the virtual product showcase and information will also be accessible until October 31. 

How should I watch the education seminars?
With the increased flexibility you can watch them according to your own schedule. Here are some strategies you can pick from to help you decide how you want to watch all of the seminars. 
"Binge-Watcher": Watch the education seminars during the first week once they are launched on Monday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 6. 
"Slow & Steady": Make a plan to watch an education seminar every other day for the full month of October.
"Procrastinator": Don't forget they are only available until October 31 -- so make sure you watch them before the deadline!

Are there registration discounts if more than one employee from my company registers?
We are pleased that the virtual format will allow more of the beer distribution workforce to participate in the Annual Convention. The tiered registration pricing means the more employees you register, the more you save!  

Two total employees: 1st and 2nd employees are $249 each
Four total employees: the 3rd and 4th employees are $199 each
Five to nine total employees: the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th employees are $149 each
Ten employees: $1,399 total for 10 employees -- more than a 20% discount! Contact Jenna Sugg at to sign up for the company package.

What if I had registered for the in-person event?
If you registered for the in-person Convention your registration was transferred over to the virtual event and you will be refunded the difference. For registration questions, please contact NBWA Membership and Meetings Coordinator Jenna Sugg at

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