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From members of Congress to state legislators, attorneys generals, regulators and the media, beer distributors across the country are hosting warehouse visits to showcase their critical role in the independent distribution system.

To schedule a behind-the scenes look at a beer distribution warehouse in your community, please contact Federal Affairs Assistant Sam Ross at sross@nbwa.org

If you are a distributor who has hosted a warehouse visit, please share details of your visit with NBWA by completing the feedback form.

Tools for Beer Distribution Employees

“Six-Pack” of Warehouse Visit Tips


What works fact sheet: Preventing excessive alcohol consumption

This two-page summary features an easy-to-read table that shows Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) recommendations and findings for evaluated intervention approaches. It may be viewed online or printed as a handout, making it useful for communications with decision-makers and partners.

America's only brewery run by Trappist monks is shutting down

For generations, Trappist monks in Europe have been brewing beer under strict guidelines to cover living expenses at their monastery and, along the way, created some of the most highly-regarded beers. However, Trappist monasteries have existed all over the globe, and nothing prevented other monks from brewing their beers to International Trappist Association's standards and joining the tiny Trappist beer club. In 2013, St.

Senate confirms Bedoya, giving Dems FTC control

Last week, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm privacy expert Alvaro Bedoya to be a commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), giving Democrats control of the agency. Bedoya, who teaches at Georgetown Law School, was confirmed on a vote of 51-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie. Bedoya's confirmation gives Democrats a 3-2 majority among FTC commissioners. The FTC enforces antitrust law and helps fight scams. A Democratic chair has run it, Lina Khan, joined by another Democrat and two Republicans for the past several months.

This is America's oldest beer

NBWA reports that in 2020, adults in the U.S. consumed over 26.1 gallons of beer and cider per capita, with the beer industry shipping 205 million barrels. Beer is old. Beer-like beverages have probably been made for about 9,000 years. There is evidence that the earliest examples were brewed in the Middle East around 7,000 B.C. By 3,000 B.C., beer was present in Europe. Over the centuries, Germany became known as the home of master brewers. 24/7 Tempo reviewed information from various media sources and breweries themselves to determine America's oldest beers.

Instacart files confidentially for IPO

Instacart announced it had filed a confidential draft registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a potential initial public offering. Instacart revealed no further details on its statement on the confidential filing. According to Bloomberg, a public listing could happen this year, which first reported the news. The announcement is a long-awaited step for Instacart, which saw business surge during the pandemic but has recently faced declining sales.

World wheat stocks expected to drop to a 6-year low

According to the USDA's first global projections for the upcoming growing season, world wheat stocks for 2022-23 are expected to drop to a six-year low of 267 million metric tons. The agency cited Russia's invasion of Ukraine and extreme weather hampering growing conditions in key regions. In the U.S. — the fourth largest global supplier of wheat — the USDA is expecting the smallest harvest since 1963 of hard red winter wheat, which makes up 40% of the domestic crop and is commonly milled into bread flour, as poor growing conditions delay planting.

Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association praises AG for taking action against shipper

The Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association applauded the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) and state Attorney General Dana Nessel for issuing a violation order against Wine.com, a large, out-of-state technology company that has illegally shipped wine into Michigan for nearly a decade. The violation order requires Wine.com to immediately cease all illegal direct shipments of alcohol to Michigan consumers.

Independent restaurants show signs of recovery despite inflation

According to a report from The NPD Group, independent restaurant locations, which represent 53% of the restaurant industry, grew by 1% (or 2,893 units) in 2021. Comparatively, independent restaurant locations saw a 5% decline in 2020. Visits to independents increased by 12% in the year ending March versus the year-ago period, when visits were down by 17%. Independent operators have increased orders of food and supplies from foodservice distributors by 27% year-over-year, about 5% above pre-pandemic levels.