Transportation | NBWA: America's Beer and Beverage Distributors

Investing in Transportation and Infrastructure

The nation’s infrastructure system supports and strengthens industries across the U.S. A well-maintained, efficient network of highways is crucial for the flow of commerce and is an integral part of the country’s economic success. Maintaining and modernizing this system requires long-term planning and dedicated federal funding.

Investing in highway infrastructure will generate economic growth and greater employment opportunities. The Highway Trust Fund (HTF), the primary source of federal revenue for highway projects, is projected to become insolvent by 2021. NBWA urges Congress to enact funding mechanisms that will ensure greater certainty for states and allow for ongoing improvements in safety and overall road conditions. 

Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Beer distribution drivers are required to hold a CDL and typically operate intrastate within a 100-mile radius, making multiple deliveries and returning to the warehouse at the end of the day. NBWA members as well as the trucking industry have been experiencing widespread driver shortages, resulting in a less efficient delivery network and an overall strain on the nation’s economy. NBWA urges Congress to consider effective solutions that increase opportunities for individuals to obtain CDLs.

Impaired Driving Research

It is important to understand the effects of all forms of impaired driving and to develop roadside detection mechanisms that measure impairment. NBWA encourages Congress to direct agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to conduct further research to advance the science and develop additional data.

Incentives for Alternative Fuels

Extending alternative-fuel vehicle and refueling property tax credits would further incentivize efforts to replace gasoline-based fleets of delivery trucks. NBWA supports legislation that would extend and increase tax credits for alternative-fuel vehicles and their refueling.

NBWA encourages Congress to:

  • Invest in infrastructure to generate economic growth and employment
  • Fund the Highway Trust Fund with long-term, sustainable methods
  • Identify effective solutions to alleviate CDL driver shortages
  • Encourage further research on all forms of impaired driving
  • Support incentives for natural gas and alternative-fuel vehicles