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Do I need to schedule my own virtual Hill meetings?

Don't worry - we've got it covered for you! This year NBWA is partnering with Advocacy Associates, a logistics firm that specializes in organizing Hill meetings and coordinating with congressional offices. Since 2010, they’ve secured 77,000+ meetings for over 90,000+ attendees, so you're in good hands. 

How will I get matched up to meet with my legislators?

When you register, the business address that NBWA has on file for your company will be used to match you with the appropriate Representative and Senator(s). To make sure you are matched up correctly, it is important to register early!

What if there is a specific legislator I want to be sure I meet with?

If you have specific requests for meetings with legislators that might not fall under your primary business address, please contact your State Association Executive. State Associations will have the ability to liaison with NBWA for special requests involving attendee groupings and placement. Again, the earlier you register the more time you have to ensure you get the right meetings added to your schedule.

When will the virtual Hill visits take place?

Keep in mind the time frame for congressional meetings: Wednesday, April 28, beginning at 2:00 pm ET and Thursday, April 29, all-day – however, your meetings will take place during regular business hours for the time zone you are located in. If you are able to do so, we recommend you try and keep your schedule flexible during those time frames.

When will I get my Hill visit schedule?

You will receive your schedule directly from Advocacy Associates via email the week prior to the Legislative Conference. At that time, you will also get access to the Advocacy Associates website where you can explore the bonus materials and features it offers ahead of your virtual meetings.

What will the virtual Hill meetings look like?

Like the in-person Legislative Conference, you will be grouped with other distributors from your state and you will meet together with your legislators. These will take place on a Zoom link provided through the Advocacy Associates website. Even though it's virtual, treat these meetings just as you would an in-person meeting. It's all about making the connection with your legislator and reminding them that you are a local family-owned business that provides economic value to your community -- no one can tell the story of your business better than you!

What are the benefits of the virtual Hill visit format?

Each meeting will take place through the website Advocacy Associates has built. This will make the experience easier and more seamless for conference attendees. There will be an instructional webinar to make sure you are prepared and ready to use the website for your virtual meetings. Another benefit of the virtual format is that it is easier than ever to get in front of your legislators; no need to worry about running from building to building between meetings. This year you have the home court advantage for your meetings with legislators by being able to connect with them from your own warehouse!

What are the policy issues to discuss with legislators?

A few of the pressing policy issues on this year's advocacy agenda for the Legislative Conference include COVID relief, tax policy, transportation & infrastructure, commercial driver's license (CDL) workforce development, shipping alcohol through the USPS, the importance of the three-tier system and marijuana policy & regulation. As always, NBWA will provide attendees with detailed materials, talking points and the policy ask regarding each topic. There will be issues module videos available as an on-demand feature, so you can watch them according to your schedule, multiple times or even use them as a quick refresher right before you join your virtual meetings.

How will the live program work?

Similar to NBWA’s virtual Annual Convention and Next Generation Conference last year, the live programming on April 27 and 28 will be streamed and hosted on a separate virtual platform. Tuesday, April 27, from 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. ET, will be the general session focused on beer industry updates. The Distributor Member Meeting will occur on Wednesday, April 28, from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. ET. The sessions will be under three hours each day for your convenience, available to re-watch on-demand and the virtual platform will offer additional on-demand benefits.

How do I access the virtual platform? 

A few days before the Legislative Conference, you will receive an email from NBWA with information on how to log in (this will be different than your NBWA membership account log-in). We will be providing more detailed instructions in the email.

How long will the virtual content be available? 

You will have access to the virtual platform and its content on-demand for a limited time following the conference. The live stream and issues modules will be available to stream on-demand at your leisure. But it goes beyond the virtual conference! The knowledge you learn through this event will help your grassroots advocacy efforts all year long.

What is my registration login?

To register, please use the below information to log in:

  • Username: your work email address
  • Default Password: wedeliver (one word, all lowercase) or use the unique password you have created

Please contact NBWA Meetings and Membership Coordinator Jenna Sugg at jsugg@nbwa.org with any questions regarding registration