Electronic Payments | NBWA: America's Beer and Beverage Distributors

In September 2014, NBWA announced a strategic partnership with Fintech, a leader in electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments within the beer industry.

NBWA members can benefit from this partnership in a number of ways. NBWA member benefits include:

  • NBWA member companies that are newly joining Fintech will receive a 50% discount on their initial sign-up fees.
  • NBWA member companies that are current Fintech subscribers with at least one “private label” retail customer will enjoy a 15% discount on annual renewal fees each year.
  • NBWA member companies that participate in Fintech’s “private label” solution with some of their smaller retail accounts will enjoy additional benefits once they reach a qualifier of 25 private label accounts. These additional benefits include:
    • A quarterly rebate check from Fintech equal to 5% of all new business  your company is doing with Fintech (both traditional Fintech and private label Fintech).
    • A permanent rate lock on all of your transaction fees as long as you maintain a minimum of 25 private label accounts.

For more details about the NBWA/Fintech strategic partnership, please contact NBWA’s Vice President, State Affairs Dave Christman or your local Fintech sales representative.