NBWA members have access to the Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI) Saving Solutions Program, which assists beer distributors with identifying and implementing business options that reduce energy and utility costs.

The energy consultants at APPI can:

  • Save You Time - Analyze your energy usage and existing supplier contracts.
  • Place You First - Always advocate for you, not the supplier or utility.
  • Minimize Risk - Vet supplier contracts and monitor regulatory changes.
  • Reduce Confusion - Obtain the best price and contract term and conditions.
  • Transition Smoothly - Administer new supplier paperwork, manage transitions.
  • Provide Data-Driven Solutions - Offer unbiased recommendations, client education.

Learn more about the energy savings solutions APPI can provide for your business. Contact APPI at (800) 520-6685 or info@appienergy.com.