NBWA is proud to endorse the following insurance programs:

Property & Casualty Insurance

BevCap Management, LLC was founded to write beer distributors’ property and casualty insurance and is offering a program with impactful endorsements and key coverage enhancements. Lines of business eligible for the program include worker’s compensation (available mono-line); auto liability and auto physical damage; and general liability. The program includes loss control specifically tailored for NBWA members and enhanced distributor training opportunities.  In addition, the program allows the distributor’s current agent to retain control of their account and write this coverage at their usual commission rate, or BevCap can work with NBWA members directly to meet their insurance needs. 

Program Coverage Enhancements Include:

  • Limited product recall coverage
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Liquor liability, and hired auto physical damage
  • Hired auto physical damage

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Twelve equal installment payment plan option
  • Enhanced distributor training opportunities
  • Industry-specific risk and loss control services
  • The ability for distributors to work with their current agent

BevCap Health

NBWA is pleased to offer BevCap Health as a health insurance option for NBWA members. BevCap Health is a member-driven strategy to provide a high-value, transparent health benefits solution for employers based on the desire to gain better control and reduce the costs associated with employee health care benefits, one of the largest expenditures for any business. 

BevCap Health is an opportunity for employers to aggregate, share best practices, mitigate risk and bend the trend to reduce the long-term cost of health care benefits. 

BevCap Health is a self-funded health plan with group risk sharing. Its benefits strategy allows members to achieve the transition to individual employer self-funded health plans, if not already self-funded. Once self-funded, members implement separate and distinct health plan designs, yet administer the plans as a group – leveraging the buying power of economies of scale. This precise, data-driven health benefit and risk management solution would not otherwise be available to you on an individual plan basis. The standard market simply does not provide for this high value strategy. 

BevCap’s strategy is designed to correct the deficiencies driving dramatic year-over-year cost increases in the fully-insured market and to help optimize current self-funded plans. These leading tools were previously only available for the largest employers who could afford to opt out of the fully-insured marketplace by adopting a self-funded health plan. Without self-funding, employers have few other options that can deliver this opportunity to bend the trend and gain control of your long-term risk financing.  

Limited Benefit Medical Plans 

Through BevCap, NBWA members can also take advantage of Limited Benefit Medical Plans. The plans are available in addition to the Workers’ Compensation, General Liability and Auto Insurance program that launched on September 1, 2011. The plans are guarantee issue Limited Benefit Medical programs that provide a wide array of first-dollar accident and sickness coverage, including specified benefits for doctor office visits, accident medical care, health screenings, in-hospital indemnity benefits, accidental death and dismemberment coverage and more. The mission is to add value at your worksite. This program has the flexibility to meet the needs of a full-time and part-time workforce as well as address the needs of those who need coverage for just their dependents. BevCap understands affordability and can accommodate an array of price points with flexible plan designs and pharmacy options. 

Coverage Features Include:

  • Easy online, phone and paper enrollment methods
  • More effective medical benefit options that allow companies to build on their benefit packages and remain “employers of choice”
  • Vision plan – $20 Co-pay for exams and frames, $80 allowance for lenses/contacts

Each plan is completely customizable to meet your company's needs.

Dental & Vision Plans

Dental and vision plans are available to distributor members through Ameritas Group. With these affordable and flexible dental and vision plans, there is no need for changes in plan design for groups who currently have coverage. Groups without coverage can choose from a selection of four plans unique to NBWA. The plan also offers non-contributory, contributor and volunteer options. With Ameritas designed plans, distributor members will receive a cost savings of up to 15% off stand-alone rates and benefits similar to those of a larger group. 

Coverage Features Include:

  • Access to Ameritas’ PPO Network – plan members are free to receive care from any dentist they choose
  • Dental rewards – a valuable feature that allows qualifying plan members to carry over part of their unused annual maximum
  • Ease of understanding – there is no coinsurance involved in these plans, which each have their own schedule of maximum covered expenses for each procedure

For more information about NBWA-endorsed insurance providers, contact Coordinator, Member Programs & Meetings Maggie Graham at (800 300-6417 or mgraham@nbwa.org.