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Are you a public relations or communications professional in the beer distribution industry? The NBWA Communicators Group shares best practices and helps drill down effective message points.

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Communications Toolkits for Beer Distributors

Traditional Media 101
Topics covered:

  • Tell your Story
  • How to Draft a Compelling Press Release
  • The Structure of a Press Release
  • How to Write an LTE
  • How to Write an Op-ed
  • Identifying Media Outlet
  • Types of Media to Engage
  • The Importance of the Pitch
  • Making the Pitch


Creating Videos 101
Topics covered:


Social Media 101
Topics covered:

  • Best practices for utilizing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • What to post ​
  • How often to post ​
  • How to create engaging content featuring external content (pictures, short videos, GIFs, etc.) ​
  • How to use each platform’s internal algorithms to your advantage


Promotional Videos

Training Resources