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Brochures| Feb 3, 2015

Distributors make significant investments in brands to help them reach the consumer and grow.

Here are just a few examples:

Logistics: Because beer is heavy, perishable and temperature-controlled, distributors make investments to get fresh product from the brewery to thousands of retail locations in a wide range of markets, where it is purchased by consumers. From storing and loading, to transporting and delivering, distributors provide the personnel and the equipment to ensure that the freshest product reaches consumers.

Localized Sales Force: Distributors provide “feet on the street” relationships with retailers in their local communities. This allows brewers to concentrate on making great beers. Distributors are experienced in talking with local retailers about a wide variety of beers and the best techniques for displaying each product to attract local consumers to new brands.

Marketing: Distributors produce marketing material including banners and point-of-sale items that help promote brands to consumers. Distributors also sponsor product sampling events (as allowed by local law) and work with retailers to develop advertisements to raise awareness of brands before consumers.

Retailer Training: Because distributor sales staff are well-trained and very knowledgeable about product attributes and local consumer trends, they work to educate retail staff (especially wait staff and servers) who interact directly with consumers.

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