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Blog| Mar 12, 2019
Brown Distributing Company in Austin, Texas, recently helped send off William Mullican, a Special Olympics athlete who is representing Team USA in the World Golf games in Abu Dhabi. The family-owned distributor of over 50 years provided Mullican with a custom banner, cooler decals and golf gear galore, adding to the special send-off his employer, Texas-based supermarket chain H-E-B, arranged. BrownSpecialOlympics.png KXAN shared William's story. William Mullican and Matt Rueter will do what few ever have or ever will: Represent Team USA on the world stage. "I'm going to and leaving on March...
Blog| Feb 12, 2019
Our very own Craig Purser spoke to local radio stations across the country about the magnitude of work that goes into ensuring football fans nationwide have their favorite beers on Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is one of America’s favorite times to crack open a cold one. In fact, the three weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is the busiest time for beer sales during the winter months. According to the economic data from NBWA and Fintech, the Super Bowl is the seventh biggest beer drinking occasion of the year. Listen to Craig’s interview with Bloomberg below. NBWA Bloomberg .mp3
Blog| Dec 12, 2018
Last week, NBWA celebrated the 85 th anniversary of the 21 st Amendment with a koozie giveaway on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Thanks to the collaboration of D.C.-area members Capital Eagle and Premium Distributors, we even had a beer truck on hand to highlight the importance of the three-tier system and the critical role independent beer distributors play in America’s beer industry. NBWA staff handed out nearly 1,000 koozies, and several members of Congress stopped by to grab a koozie and snap a photo in front of the beer truck. Each koozie contained an educational tip card about beer...
Blog| Dec 5, 2018
Today, beer lovers across the country are celebrating the 85th anniversary of the ratification of the 21st Amendment, which made alcohol legal again. It’s a historic day for our state and nation, marking the end of the 13-year alcohol drought known as Prohibition. Now, that’s something to toast. It’s tough to imagine Alabama without our thriving beer scene. No matter the occasion, consumers here can find a variety of adult beverage brands, flavors, and profiles at the tip of their fingers. But we rarely take the time to reflect on the rich history of beer and how our nation came to enjoy a...
Blog| Dec 5, 2018
Today marks a monumental day in our nation’s history – a day when Americans became a little less thirsty. Eighty-five years ago, the 21st Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. This amendment repealed the 18thAmendment which had banned alcohol in the United States for 13 long, dry years. It also gave rise to one of our country’s most successful policies – state regulation of alcohol and the birth of the three-tier system of alcohol distribution. President Franklin D. Roosevelt even reportedly celebrated with a famous toast, “What America needs now is a drink.” However, he also...
Blog| Sep 10, 2018
NBWA was proud to serve as a sponsor once again for Zephyr Conference’ Annual Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference, which took place August 10–11, 2018, in Loudoun County, Va.
Blog| Sep 10, 2018
NBWA’s Sixth Annual Next Generation Success in Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas, which took place from August 5-7, was a smashing success.
Blog| Mar 12, 2018
The call for presentations for NBWA’s 82nd Annual Convention & Trade Show is now open!
Blog| Jan 11, 2018
Comfort zones are called comfort zones for a reason: they’re comforting. But for a distribution business, certain comfort zones can have discomforting results.
Blog| Dec 5, 2017
The business world is increasingly digital, and some of the most important innovations for the distribution business are happening in the places you’d least expect. Predictably, mobile devices have become go-to computers for salespeople and drivers who need on-the-go access to critical business applications. But the real world isn’t all-digital just yet. Trusty paper documents still play an important role for beverage distributors, and this can present a challenge.