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Press Releases| Feb 11, 2016

ALEXANDRIA, VA – In response to industry requests for clarification, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) issued general guidance concerning promotional activities commonly associated with category management programs and whether or not those activities are lawful.

National Beer Wholesalers Association President & CEO Craig Purser issued the following statement in response to the TTB guidance

“The Tax and Trade Bureau’s ruling to address recent tied house activities related to category management, shelf plans and shelf schematics is a positive step toward providing additional guidance for alcohol manufacturers, distributors and retailers. By citing the limitations of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act’s narrow, specific exceptions related to items of value, the TTB’s directive serves as a reminder to all industry participants and makes clear that certain aspects of proposed programs at retail exceed the intent of the exceptions allowed for by federal law. 

“Beer distributors should not participate in any unauthorized activity that could jeopardize their federal wholesaler permits. When it comes to beer, only distributors have federal permits under the FAA Act; brewers and retailers do not.”


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