Statement from NBWA President & CEO Craig Purser | NBWA: America's Beer Distributors

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Press Releases| Mar 2, 2018

The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) is concerned that the Trump Administration’s proposal to impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum would have significant unintended consequences.

The proposal would harm downstream U.S. industries, such as the American beer industry -- including brewers, distributors, licensed retailers and consumers.

The tariffs would amount to a hidden tax that would get paid out of the pockets of hardworking American employees who just want to have a cold beer at the end of a long day.

NBWA, which represents America’s 3,000 independent beer distributors, will continue to advocate for policies that support quality, local jobs; help build brands; generate consumer choice; and support business growth.