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Videos| Oct 14, 2014

What is the Three-Tier System?

Following the repeal of Prohibition, states created a three-tier alcohol distribution system which strikes a careful balance between control and access of this socially important but potentially harmful product. In this system, brewers sell their beer to distributors, and distributors market, sell and safely deliver those beers to retailers. Independent beer distributors are the indispensable buffer between brewers and retailers, preventing dangerous practices, while delivering unprecedented consumer choice, variety and safety.
Videos| Oct 1, 2014

America's Beer Distributors: Building Relationships, Growing Brands

This video features Timmy Hawkins, craft brand manager for Louisiana beer distributor Eagle Distributing of Shreveport, who attended NBWA's 77th Annual Convention and walked the Product Demonstration Showcase meeting brewery representatives and sampling their products. He discusses how distributors work with new brewers to help them build their brands and reach new markets.
Videos| Sep 30, 2014

America's Beer Distributors: Building Beer Brands

This video goes behind the scenes with Bounty Bev in Nashville, Tennessee to show how the beer distributor is working with small independent breweries to build awareness for their brands and help them grow.
Videos| Sep 30, 2014

America's Beer Distributors: Hiring Veterans

Military representatives were on site at NBWA's 77th Annual Convention in New Orleans to discuss how America's beer distributors can help provide veterans with the opportunity to work.
Videos| Sep 30, 2014

NBWA Public Affairs Award: Pennsylvania Beer Alliance

Learn how the 2014 NBWA Public Affairs Award recipient Pennsylvania Beer Alliance used video and other communication tools to launch a public affairs campaign to educate elected leaders, the media and the public about the value of independent beer distributors and the current system to local Pennsylvania communities.
Videos| Sep 30, 2014

Main Street Fueling Wall Street Panel Discussion: NBWA's 77th Annual Convention

At NBWA's 77th Annual Convention in New Orleans, President of G&M Distributors, Inc. Adam Vitale moderated a panel of beer industry experts and observers – ranging from a Wall Street analyst to an advocate of Main Street beer distribution businesses – who discussed “Main Street Fueling Wall Street.” Participants included Mike Mazzoni, senior partner of Seema International Ltd.; Benj Steinman, president of Beer Marketer’s Insights; Trevor Stirling, European beverages analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein Limited; and John Williams, executive director of the Beer Industry League of Louisiana.
Videos| Sep 30, 2014

NBWA-TV: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 77th Annual Convention

Videos| Sep 29, 2014

Protecting the Corona Extra Brand: The Value of Distributor Partnerships

Constellation Brands Beer Division President Bill Hackett and Chief Sales Officer Bruce Jacobson discuss the value of the three-tier system and beer distributors.
Videos| Sep 29, 2014

NBWA-TV: Monday, Sept. 29, 2014 - 77th Annual Convention

This edition of NBWA-TV reports live from New Orleans and NBWA’s 77th Annual Convention. Hear from attendees around the country about why they travel to the convention each year. Learn about the 2014 Share Your Story Contest winner Rick McAmis of Premium Beverage Sales. And hear the leaders of Constellation Brands Beer Division discuss the value of beer distributors and the three-tier system during a product recall.
Videos| Sep 28, 2014

NBWA-TV: Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014 - 77th Annual Convention

This edition of NBWA-TV reports live from New Orleans on the first day of NBWA’s 77th Annual Convention. Watch a recap of the 2014 NBWA Legislative Conference and learn how beer distributors are building relationships with their elected leaders. See how NBWA worked with J. J. Taylor Distributing Company of Minnesota, Inc. to educate the National Conference of State Legislatures about the work of local beer distributors, whose trucks deliver beer to retailers in states across the country. Get the facts on how distributors are making an economic impact. Also learn about the Center for Alcohol...