From members of Congress to state legislators, attorneys generals, regulators and the media, beer distributors across the country are hosting warehouse visits to showcase their critical role in the independent distribution system.

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Gov. Beshear Announces Expansion of Country Boy Brewing

A rapidly growing brewing company that got its start in Kentucky in 2012 has decided to expand in its home state. Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has announced Country Boy Brewing is expanding to Georgetown, its second Kentucky location. The company will be moving into a larger brew house in Georgetown with a higher fermentation capacity. With the upgrade in space, Country Boy Brewing will now be able to produce 10,000 barrels of craft beer annually. Increased production will allow the company to begin distribution in additional states.

Three Cheers for Three-Tier and Your Craft Beer Distributor

Have you ever stopped and wondered how your favorite beers end up in the places where you like to buy them? Chances are, most of the beer ended up there by means of a distributor. Distributors receive the beer directly from the breweries (or sometimes from importers) and distribute the beer out into their local or regional markets, at which point it is available for purchase by the consumer. This system is called the three-tier system.

How Anchor Brewing Changed the Beer Business

If the current craft beer "revolution" has a defined starting point, you might say Aug. 2, 1965, was that moment. On that date, Fritz Maytag, heir to the Maytag washing machine company, bought a stake in Anchor Brewing Co. From there, the company he built started many of the innovations that are now key parts of the craft beer culture.

Your Favorite IPA Recipes, in Flux

Revised recipes of your favorite IPAs are a trend that will not be just a 2015 phenomenon. Changing beer drinker attitudes, new techniques for extracting hop and aroma and flavor, and of course, myriad new and trendy hop varieties all seemed to converge this year. And, as new hop varieties continue to pop up (and as climate change alters which hops are available), expect remixed IPA recipes to become the norm.

The Belgian Renaissance in America

While the North American craft-beer scene’s '70s and '80s roots tended toward British and German styles, an undeniable shift toward Belgian styles started in the late '90s and has hit full strength over the past five years. lists three American breweries that are helping lead the current Belgian charge.

Columbia Distributing Expands to California With Acquisition of Mesa Beverage

The Pacific Northwest beverage wholesaler Columbia Distributing will expand into California with the acquisition of Mesa Beverage Co. Columbia has announced it will purchase all assets of the 4-million case Santa Rosa, California wholesaler. Columbia Distributing currently sells about 35 million cases of beer annually to more than 20,000 retail accounts in Oregon and Washington. The company also employs more than 2,600 individuals across both states.

Millennials More Diverse Than Many Assume

Countless studies have tried to determine how to define and reach millennials, with the consensus being they're elusive and hard to understand. But that fog of mystery starts to lift when you look at this group geographically, and more importantly, culturally. Turns out, professional millennials in the "new heartland" of the country -- made up of the Southwest, Midwest and parts of the Southeast -- differ significantly from their coastal counterparts, claiming their place as both the most powerful and most disconnected consumer buying segment.

Deadline Approaches for Third Annual Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award

The Center for Alcohol Policy is accepting nominations for the Third Annual Leadership in Alcohol Regulation Award until August 10, 2015. The award will be presented at the Center’s upcoming Alcohol Law and Policy Conference September 9 – 11, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois.

NBWA Among Associations Using Video to Tell Member Stories

Telling member stories to the outside community is one of the main reasons the National Beer Wholesalers Association began shooting videos. NBWA launched a mini-newscast to run during its convention and also produces short clips on relevant topics throughout the year. NBWA also uses video to help members become stronger industry advocates. “The value of the industry can really come to life through the storytelling of the really great people who make up the industry,” said Rebecca Spicer, NBWA’s senior vice president of communications and public affairs.