From members of Congress to state legislators, attorneys generals, regulators and the media, beer distributors across the country are hosting warehouse visits to showcase their critical role in the independent distribution system.

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Tools for Beer Distribution Employees

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Analysts: Wal-Mart to Grow Neighborhood Market Network

Wal-Mart is expanding its fleet of smaller-format stores, called Neighborhood Markets. The Markets, which are one-fifth of the size of Wal-Mart Supercenters, pose a major threat to traditional supermarkets like Whole Foods, Kroger and Trader Joe's, according to Moody's analysts. The stores offer the same low prices as Wal-Mart's giant warehouse stores, but in a much smaller and more easily accessible location, giving the Neighborhood Markets a "distinct competitive advantage over virtually anyone," according to analysts.

VIDEO: How Glassware Can Impact the Taste of Beer

Beer is always refreshing, but did you know you might not be getting the maximum taste out of your favorite brew? Chris Emmons, Certified Cicerone ® and director of craft for distributor Rampant Brands, explains how glassware makes a big difference – from how your beer looks, the aromas it gives off and, most importantly, how it tastes.

Crude Oil Tumbles 8%, Points to Low Gas Prices This Fall

A slew of global economic and geopolitical factors are working to pummel the price of oil and set up U.S. drivers for very low gasoline prices later this year. The price of U.S. crude dropped 7.7% to close at $52.53 a barrel and is now down nearly 15% from the high for the year set on June 10. Experts expect a substantial decline in late summer and fall, pushing average gasoline prices in some low-price states below $2 a gallon again.

MN: J.J. Taylor Distributing Welcomes Congresswoman Betty McCollum

Congresswoman Betty McCollum visited J.J. Taylor Distributing Company of MN, Inc. to learn about effective state-based alcohol regulation and the economic and commercial value independent beer distributors deliver to the local community. The company's 217 employees distribute the products of more than 55 suppliers, maximizing choice for consumers.

Dollar Tree Completes Family Dollar Acquisition, Names President

Dollar Tree announced it has formally completed the acquisition of Family Dollar Stores and named Gary Philbin president and COO of Family Dollar, effective immediately. Philbin joined Dollar Tree as senior vice president of stores in late 2001, was named COO in 2007 and president in mid-2013. The company said it has not disclosed any other organizational changes, including a successor to Philbin at Dollar Tree.

Eight Die in Kenya Illicit Alcohol Crackdown

Eight people have died and many have been wounded in a crackdown in Kenya on illegally brewed alcohol. The crackdown has been focused on central Kenya and the capital Nairobi, where last year at least 80 people died and dozens more were blinded by concoctions laced with methanol -- a chemical used for the manufacture of anti-freeze and used by some manufacturers to increase alcohol content.

In the Future, Grocery Stores May Be More Like ATMs

Shoppers in Des Moines, Iowa, may be the first to test out a grocery store that feels more like an ATM than a place to buy bread, milk and fresh produce. Featuring about 200 fresh, refrigerated grocery items, the machine uses a series of conveyor belts to select and dispense items selected by a consumer using a touch-screen. The machine only accepts electronic payments.