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What is Beer First?

To better bolster distributors and continually grow the beer sector’s profile and presence in the marketplace, NBWA continues to expand the Beer First initiative. Guided by a leadership team of distributors, representing a cross-section of the country, chain and independent markets and major supplier networks, the Beer First initiative ensures distributors have the tools they need to continually boost the beer category.

The Beer First initiative toolkit is comprised of the following: 

  • Beer First Sell Sheets: channel-specific data-driven sell sheets that help distributors turn data into dollars and sell more beer. They can be localized and customized to meet opportunities in every market.
  • On-Premise Profit Calculator: analyze data to demonstrate to accounts how beer can be more profitable than wine and/or spirits during happy hour.
  • Retail Profit Calculator: generate charts that help show off-premise retailers how beer drives more profit in an effort to win display space.

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Beer First Certification

In 2021, NBWA launched the Beer First Certification program for teams to learn how to maximize the Beer First tools, comfortably sell using facts and profit stories and elevate their relationships with customers. As the first of its kind, Beer First Certification is a training program specifically designed for the beer industry. With the two levels and courses geared towards on-premise and off-premise, sales representatives, first line managers, key account managers and other aspiring industry professionals can expertly learn how to strategically use NBWA’s Beer First tools.

So far, there have been over 450 certified employees from over 30 distributor companies! 

The benefits of the program include:

  • Enhanced Selling Repertoire: Develop a unique skill set and add a new dimension to your selling repertoire in only two and a half hours.
  • Become a Trusted Consultant: Become a more valuable sales rep by adding consulting skills to your selling technique. Understand your customers’ needs and present the best data and ideas to support them.
  • Career Growth and Advancement: Position yourself for career growth and advancement by developing additional selling skills that provide internal and external value.
  • Turn Data into Dollars: Get a deeper understanding of syndicated data and how to select the most compelling data to sell more beer. Learn to translate data into dollars for both you and your customers.
  • Promote Beer Category Value: Comfortably communicate the importance and value of the beer category to your off- and on-premise customers.

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Beer First Fridays 

“Beer First Fridays” is a nationwide initiative executed locally by distributors to conduct on-premise account “takeovers” and remind consumers how a cold beer makes any occasion better! With aircover from the #BeersToThat campaign, distributor members can utilize turnkey custom POS like printed posters, koozies, photo props, table tents, social media posts, etc. to make your "Beer First Fridays" come to life with consumers; and make sure you share successes and promote accounts through social media. Though the name implies the promotions should be done on Fridays, with these tools, you can plan and execute any day of the week.


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