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What is Beer First?

Brought to you by the NBWA, the Beer First initiative is centered on growing the beer category and stemming spirits and wine market share momentum. Guided by a leadership team of distributors, representing a cross section of the country, chain & independent markets, and major supplier networks, the Beer First Initiative is creating a series of tools for all distributors to use.

The toolkit - accessible through the button below - will help distributors present “Why Beer?” to on and off-premise customers, showing them that beer is a valuable category that brings consumers to their outlets and generates lift, velocity and profits.

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 Beer First Friday

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What your peers are saying about the Beer First tools


“I think this is going to be a great tool! I’m excited to have something to bring to customers and show them the benefits of bringing on our products for happy hours and specials in general. It shows that we are here for our retailers and want to help them with their business by driving volume that in turn makes them more money.”
– Ryan Schirmang, Field Support Supervisor, Cicerone Certified Beer Server, Chicago Beverage Systems, Reyes Beverage Group


“The Beer First Sell Sheets can be a game changer with the buyer, but the real power lies in using it with the store-level decision maker that typically doesn’t see that level of detail and may have their own pre-conceived notions about the Bev/Alc Segments. We regularly talk about the size of Beer relative to Wine & Spirits, the faster turns of Beer, and the basket size Beer creates. These sheets put all of that info into an easy to present format for those distributors that don’t otherwise have the resources readily available. The ability to regionalize is just icing on the cake! We look forward to the On-Premise normalizing throughout 2021 to take advantage of those sheets and further drive Beer volume and share in these key out-of-home occasions.”
– Eric M Riggs, Category Development Manager, Crescent Crown Distributing – Arizona


"We had a team meet a few times with a locally owned and our largest package store and asked them what they would like to see on the Beer First sheets or in a presentation. They are only package liquor store, therefore, the combo of info of off-premise mass and off-premise liquor (without cross merch) was what we showed them. They were very interested in the graphs with basket rings specifically, and the info surprised them. Especially that beer purchase elevates the ring. This was a nice sell-in and eye opener for us to present. We used this meeting as both a presentation and to get feedback on the sheets themselves. I attended the meetings along with a sales supervisor and the salesman. The meeting did result in a better understanding of their floor space thinking and how we might benefit adding more beer in different areas, which was good news! In general we gained more floor space that could be used for display instead of simply “block style” displays that are essentially back stock.  Also we had good pricing discussion which was a win for us in this particular account. We look forward to using these Beer First sheets going forward, especially where local decisions can be made by the buyers." 
– Shannon McQuade-Ely, President, McQuade Distributing Co., Inc.


“I LOVE the new insights you guys added, especially the ones around promotions and influencing the customer! This will be a great tool to help our teams influence our customers to think of Beer as a higher volume driver than other AlcBev categories.”
– Giovanni Rosas, Category Development Consultant National Accounts, Andrews Distributing Company