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If you enjoy the taste of a cold beer, you'll love the rich, unique flavor that it can add to your favorite recipes. And when you're planning a meal, consider the various tastes of the many beers available today and how they pair with the food you serve. You'll find that beer on the menu will add a delicious flavor that makes food taste better than ever.

There are numerous types and styles of beer available today, thanks to the American beer distribution system which gives smaller brewers the ability to utilize beer distributors to get new beers to a wide range of retailers. Consumers benefit by having the choice between the largest and smallest brands, all on the same store shelf, restaurant list and bar tap. Why not take advantage of the hundreds of beers available by experimenting with them in your favorite recipes? Beer can substitute for wine and water in many of your favorite recipes, adding a distinctive flavor. Lighter beers, such as pale ales and lagers, will thin batters and are delicious in bread and pancake recipes. Or try steaming shellfish, mussels or shrimp in beer instead of water for a tangy taste that complements the saltiness of the seafood. Beer also makes a wonderful marinade or sauce for grilling and roasting your favorite meats and vegetables.

In addition to the many recipes that you’ll find on our site, NBWA has created a cookbook that features some of our favorite recipes. More concoctions can be found in our cooking with beer brochures. 

NBWA offers multiple brochures and publications about dining with beer, including:



 Cheers! Brewing Up a Great Meal With Beer           Everyday Dining with Beer

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