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NBWA in partnership with Double Green created a toolkit to help beer and beverage distribution companies save money and continue to reduce their carbon footprint through efficiency and sustainability efforts. Particularly as distributors move into the busy summer season with energy prices sky-high, saving resources and creating greater efficiencies are even more of a priority.

America’s beer and beverage distributors have always been focused on efficiency and providing considerable energy and carbon savings for the beer industry. Distributors consolidate deliveries, reducing congestion and energy usage all while increasing the variety of products at retail. With more than 13,300 licensed brewers in the U.S., this process saves millions of gallons of fuel a year.


To help distributors improve their efficiency further, NBWA is delivering a road map that outlines current industry efforts and serves as a best practices guide for those interested in learning more. It includes examples from distributors to help demonstrate what the industry is already doing and serve as a guide to others.

The white paper is divided into three sections:

  • Warehouse
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Trade Recycling

Within these sections’ efficiency efforts are ordered from more straightforward solutions to more complex or capital-intensive solutions.

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This members-only online calculator allows beer distributors to input their own data to measure their savings from efficiency initiatives. It helps them calculate carbon and financial savings from current efforts as well as determine savings before beginning a new initiative.

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