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The NBWA/Fintech® strategic partnership provides a unique window into the beer industry to help strengthen NBWA, beer distributors and the three-tier system.

The Data

Fintech® InfoSource™ is single source database of aggregated sales-to-retailer transactions for both the Off-Premise and On-Premise Channels. A growing economy and fragmentation in the marketplace means tracking retail beer trends is more complicated than ever. InfoSource™ brings insights from over 130,000 chain and independent retail accounts covering over $27 billion in alcohol purchase transactions in 2018. These data also include transcactions from 3,600 alcohol beverage distributors that includes over 600 self distribtuing brewers. The database captures brand, package and volume metrics of a weekly basis and provides the most current and timely industry insights ever available to the industry.


We believe that every beer, segment, or package has as place in the marketplace. There is a beer for every occasion and every week. The case volume data in the charts below are presented in an index format. The index is a simple measure of the current week's volume against the total average weekly volume for the year. The index shows the weeks of the year that a segement, channel combinations are commanding above average shares of the industry. For example, an Index of 120 for Imports-on premise during the St Patrick Day Holiday (week 11) indicates that imports have 20 percent greater share of volume than average week for the year. So, even though a single metric may have a low overall volume share of the total industry, a share index during any given week of the year may be well above average. Please note that the week 52 data of 2018 includes two extra days from Sunday December 30 and Monday December 31 of 2018.


We added another seasonal chart this week in honor of the Fall holidays. The pumpkin beer index below shows a significant slowdown in volumes for this style of beer in 2018. In 2017 the index popped above 200 in week 33, rose to 350 by week 36 and carried a relative high index all the way through week 48.  In 2018, the high index only reached 190 in week 37 and has not climbed above 200 this year.  Hard Seltzers are running on track with 2017 trends.  The Mexican brands are breaking with trend in the fourth quarter and actually running stronger (above average) in 2018 relative to 2017. 






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