Fourth of July: Where It Ranks Among Beer Holidays | NBWA: America's Beer and Beverage Distributors

The Fourth of July holiday is fast approaching, and beer distributors are kicking into high gear to deliver and stock retailer shelves across the country.

For brewers, distributors and retailers, Independence Day marks the height of the summer beer selling season. Much like Black Friday is a milestone for traditional retailers, the Fourth of July is a milestone for beer sales. In some states, beer distributors will be delivering double the beer of a typical week.

NBWA and Fintech® got together and worked through on- and off-premise volumes for beer distributor sales to retailers across the country in 2016. The data revealed that the Fourth of July ranked #1 and indexed at 156, the highest score across all on- and off-premise sales channels. 

Beer Holiday Rankings 2016 - On Premise vs. Off Premise

The beer industry is diverse, and beer remains the preferred beverage of choice for most legal drinking age consumers. And there are many more occasions to celebrate with a beer than just our nation’s birthday. The chart below shows all the major beer holidays for on- and off-premise beer sales in 2016.

While July Fourth takes the number one spot for off-premise sales, the rankings look radically different when just the on-premise (away from home) sales are ranked. In these channels of retail sales, St. Patrick’s Day, the Super Bowl and Cinco De Mayo take top spots.

Beer Holiday Rankings 2016 - Index Average Week