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Final Imports Show Mexican Imports Growing 15 Percent in Calendar Year 2014

Final 2014 numbers are in from the U.S. Department of Commerce, and imports ended the year on a soft note, falling 2.4 percent in December. However, the total calendar year ended on a high note with volumes growing 6.9 percent and adding 26 million cases.

Mexican imports seized the year by posting a 15 percent increase in volumes with 33.2 million additional cases. Belgium imports also were strong, growing 25 percent off a small base and adding 5 million cases to the industry. Unfortunately, the balance of the industry did not fare as well, losing 9 percent or 12 million cases. As mentioned in a previous posting, the total U.S. beer industry is estimated to have grown 0.5 percent (13 million cases) in 2014 carried by a 15 percent (33.2 million cases) growth in Mexican imports and a preliminary 18 percent (36 million cases) growth in craft.

This year’s solid growth puts Mexico as the dominant importer, with more than 60 percent of all beer imports into the U.S. That’s a long way to come from the early 1990s, when Mexican imports represented less than 20 percent of total imports.











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