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Blog| Apr. 10, 2015
Distributors and brewers: are you heading to the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) in Portland, April 14-17? If so, be sure to take advantage of meeting space sponsored by NBWA. The NBWA Meeting Rooms are conveniently located right on the CBC trade show floor, making it easy for distributors and brewers to discuss opportunities for growing brands and delivering them to new markets. Reserve your NBWA Meeting Room space by clicking here . Also, be sure to stop by the NBWA Lounge to give yourself a chance to recharge and connect with NBWA representatives. Please contact NBWA’s Danielle Duchesne at...
Press Releases| Apr. 7, 2015
ALEXANDRIA, Va. – On Tuesday, April 7, America’s beer distributors will join beer consumers in raising a glass and celebrating the anniversary of the date when legal beer sales returned to the United States after national Prohibition. On April 7, 1933, beer taps opened in 19 states, allowing beer to flow legally for the first time in 13 years. Just after midnight on April 7, 1933, a beer truck headed to the White House with a delivery for President Roosevelt who later sent the beer to the National Press Club. A couple weeks earlier, President Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, amending...
Press Releases| Mar. 31, 2015
ALEXANDRIA, VA – Throughout the month of April, the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) will be recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month , as highlighted by the U.S. Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), to raise awareness about alcohol abuse. “Alcohol is a unique product that is not for everyone,” said NBWA President Craig Purser. “National Alcohol Awareness Month is an appropriate time to recognize that alcoholic beverages need to be effectively regulated to help combat abuse and to ensure they do not end up in the hands of those...
Press Releases| Mar. 19, 2015
Data Show Craft Brewers with Double Digit Volume Share of U.S. Beer Market A LEXANDRIA, VA – The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) – which represents the interests of America’s 3,300 licensed, independent beer distributors – applauds America’s craft brewers for their continued growth and entrepreneurial spirit, which adds energy and excitement to the American beer industry. According to data released this week by the Brewers Association (BA), craft brewers – as defined by BA – enjoyed continued growth during 2014 as American craft beer production volume increased 18 percent. The...
Blog| Mar. 3, 2015
BY: Craig Purser, NBWA President & CEO By all measurable accounts, it appears to be smooth sailing for the U.S. beer industry. More than 3,000 breweries are operating across the country. At least one new brewery is opening every day. Continued, double-digit volume growth by small upstart breweries makes the U.S. beer market a dynamic and competitive industry. Thanks to an independent beer distribution system, American consumers have access to more choice and variety than any country in the world. However, bubbling beneath the surface, there are some industry players who are seeking...
Blog| Feb. 19, 2015
When America’s beer distributors gathered recently at NBWA’s 77th Annual Convention in New Orleans, it was an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous opportunity that exists in the industry today – an intensely competitive industry operating within an effective system that works so well for so many.
Blog| Feb. 18, 2015
By: Scott Perry, Ryder VP of Supply Management & Global Fuel Products With a drastic drop in diesel fuel prices, it’s easy to wonder whether natural gas will continue to be sought after by fleet owners. The fact of the matter is, however, that the move to alternative fuels for fleets has not been derailed by the dramatic drop in traditional fuel prices; the pace of the train has merely slowed. There are plenty of companies moving forward with their natural gas vehicle deployment plans, as they are focused on the long-term benefits—both economic and environmental. Nonetheless, the fleets...
Brochures| Feb. 3, 2015
Craft brewers are an American success story. 3,000+ breweries operating in the U.S. More than one new brewery opening every day. 18% annual growth. Why are craft brewers booming? Innovative and quality products. Eager and excited consumers. And partnerships with independent beer distributors. Distributors make significant investments in brands to help them reach the consumer and grow.
Brochures| Dec. 25, 2014
America’s independent beer distributors deliver regulatory, economic and commercial value in the communities where they do business.
Brochures| Dec. 24, 2014
Do you know how that ice cold beer you enjoy at the end of a long day, at a ball game or with dinner makes its way safely to you, the consumer? The answer is America’s 3,300 beer distributors which employ 130,000 people.